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Unwanted Masterwork Scalemail Armour

Category iconLore

Nothing stings the master blacksmith more than a cancelled commission - not even molten iron. This mail is engraved with the mark of a devillish forgemaster, as well as several curses stamped out in infernal, and hums with diabolic magic.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Exotic Material: Add your Dexterity Modifier to your Armour Class. Additionally, this armour does not impose Disadvantage on Stealth Ability Checks.
"Resistance" iconResistance to Damage Types "Fire" iconFire damage.

Adds Dex Modifier to AC, up to 2. (Likely you’ll have 18 AC with this piece of gear.)

Location / Where to Find

Sold by Dammon in Act 3, located in the Forge of the Nine, west of Elfsong Tavern.

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