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The Reviving Hands Gloves

Category iconLore

Stitched into the lining is this phrase: ‘Yes all right, all right, stop moaning and get up.’

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

  • Aegis Palms: When you heal a creature, it gains the effect of "Blade Ward" iconBlade Ward. When you revive a creature it gains the effect of "Death Ward" iconDeath Ward.
  • Strength Saving "Throw" iconThrows +1

Location / Where to Find

Sold by Vicar Humbletoes, found inside the Stormshore Tabernacle in the Lower City. This is a stone building located west of the "Basilisk Gate" iconBasilisk Gate Waypoint.

Notes / Other Information

Great gloves for a dedicated healer, such as a Life Healer.


"Revivify" iconRevivify Necromancy


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