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Find Doni Quests

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Find Doni is a quest in Act One of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Rikka at the "Druid" iconDruid Grove


  • Find Doni
    • As the tieflings prepare for the siege, Rikka asked us to find Doni and bring him to safety.
  • Return to Rikka
    • We found Doni staring at the door to the druids’ lair. He left for the children’s hideout.
  • If Doni is found: Rikka was grateful and thanked us for finding Doni.
  • If Rikka dies during the goblin raid: Rikka died.
  • If the party helps the druids cast out the tieflings: We betrayed the tieflings’ trust - Rikka won’t want to deal with us anymore.
  • If the party leaves for the Mountain Pass or Grym’s Forge without finding Doni: We left the region without helping Rikka.
  • If the party does not speak to Rikka before the goblin raid: The siege began before we could bring any news to Rikka.
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