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Wake up Art Cullagh Quests

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Wake up Art Cullagh is a quest in Act Two of Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Fist J’ehlar at the Last "Light" iconLight Inn.


Find some clues about Art.
We met Art Cullagh, a mysterious man lying unconscious in Last "Light" iconLight Inn.
We heard Counsellor Florrick talking about a Flaming Fist found comatose in Last Light Inn. He may have knowledge about the shadow curse. We should see if we can wake him somehow.
We met Art Cullagh, a mysterious man lying unconscious in Last Light Inn. He’s being cared for by a Flaming Fist.
Tell Halsin about Art Cullagh.
Art Cullagh whispered the name ‘Thaniel’ in his sleep - the spirit of the land that Halsin mentioned. We should tell Halsin about this.
Investigate the House of Healing.
We found Art’s last orders - to investigate the House of Healing. If we follow in his footsteps, we might learn more about him.
Show the lute to Art.
We found a lute bearing Art’s initials in the House of Healing. Maybe playing it for him will bring him back to his senses.
We met an unconscious Flaming Fist named Art Cullagh in Last Light Inn. The lute we found at the House of Healing bears his initials. Perhaps the two are connected?
We woke Art. He desperately wants to speak to Halsin about Thaniel - the spirit of the land, who he met in the Shadowfell.
Art despaired when he learned of Halsin’s death. Without him, Thaniel is lost to the Shadowfell - and the shadow curse can never be lifted.
We woke Art. He told Halsin that he met the spirit of the land, Thaniel, in the Shadowfell.
If Isobel dies or is kidnapped in Resolve the Abduction: Art Cullagh died before we could wake him.

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