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Bonemeal Animal Parts


Kill everything, waste nothing is an adage of vital meaning to the tribes of Hyrkanian nomads who roam the steppes east of Turan. Out on the grasslands, every resource is vital, including the bones and claws of their kills which are ground down into bone meal.

"Bone" iconBone meal can be added to compost to improve its composition and, unappetizing as it sounds, it can also be used in some food recipes.

How To Obtain Item

To obtain "Bonemeal" iconBonemeal, you need to use a pickaxe or hatchet on the corpse of any creature that can drop bones, then place the bones in a grinder to grind them down into Bonemeal.

Not all creatures will yield bones, and some yield more than others. As a general rule, most humanoids will yield bones, and hyenas can be a particularly good source.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bonemeal in Conan Exiles, you can read our more detailed page on it here.

Detailed Location(s)

You can create "Bonemeal" iconBonemeal by grinding the bones of pretty much any creature that you come across, including humanoids. Naturally, you’ll find these in abundance throughout the lands.

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