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Layered Fur Materials


"Layered Fur" iconLayered Fur is a crafting material in Conan Exiles. It is primarily used in the production of various armor pieces, especially those designed for cold environments, providing better insulation against cold temperatures. Layered "Fur" iconFur is made by combining Fur and Twine in the Armorer’s Bench.

How To Obtain Item

To craft "Layered Fur" iconLayered Fur, players first need to gather the following materials:

"Fur" iconFur, which is obtained by skinning certain animals, such as bears, mammoths, and wolves, with a skinning knife or other appropriate tools.
Twine, which is crafted from "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber, found by harvesting plants and bushes throughout the map.
Once the necessary materials are ready, players can craft Layered Fur at the Armorer’s Bench using the following materials:

1x Fur
1x Twine

Layered Fur is used as a component in various crafting recipes, primarily for crafting armor pieces designed for cold environments. Some examples include:

| Vanir Fur Armor Set | Layered Fur, "Leather" iconLeather, "Iron Bar" iconIron Bar |
| Vanir Fur Tasset | 20x Layered Fur, 12x Leather, 8x Iron Bar |
| Vanir Fur Helm | 15x Layered Fur, 8x Leather, 5x Iron Bar |

Detailed Location(s)

"Layered Fur" iconLayered Fur can be crafted at the Armorer’s Bench.

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