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Genesis (1st Encounter) Bosses


The first time you fight Genesis properly will be at the Mako Excavation Facility during Chapter 5, although you can fight the same version again in the mission 5-1-5: Experiment No. 105. At that stage of the game, he’ll be level 20 with 14,800 HP (normal mode). This battle can be tough if you haven’t been abusing the Materia Fusion system at the start of Chapter 3, and may give you some troubles.

The best way to deal with him is to equip a lot of VIT accessories like the "Shinra Alpha" iconShinra Alpha, and the "Bulletproof Vest" iconBulletproof Vest to help negate some of the damage he does. If he uses the Black Feather attack, it’ll curse you which’ll make your DMW stop spinning. You can counter this by equipping a "Gris-Gris Bag" iconGris-Gris Bag or by using a "Remedy" iconRemedy to remove it.

Throughout the fight, Genesis can cast Defense, Magic Defense or both at the same time! This will make him invulnerable to physical attacks (Defense) or magical attacks (Magic Defense). If he casts just the one of them, attack him with the opposite attack type, but if he does both at the same time, you’ll have to wait out the duration until it wears off.

Finally, he can cast "Regen" iconRegen on himself to recover some lost HP, this shouldn’t matter too much as long as you are attacking him while has it on. You’ll want to block the Black Feathers attack as well as any normal attack he throws at you, and counter when you get an opening. One great tip is to use "Graviga" iconGraviga once to reduce his full HP, and cast your strongest spell repeatedly. This will deplete his HP fairly quickly.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

Mako Excavation Facility


"MBarrier" iconMBarrier ×1 Magic Materia


"Elixir" iconElixir ×1 Consumables


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