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Genji Armor Accessories


Sets HP limit at 99999, and adds Endure and "Regen" iconRegen effects.

Possibly the most powerful of the Genji Gear set pieces, you will need this large HP pool to tackle the hardest enemies in the game.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Treasure Chest
Other Complete DMW Gallery

This is one of the trickiest pieces of equipment to gain in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion as you’ll need to 100% every image of the DMW. This means tracking down all the summons and then seeing all of their memories. You won’t get the final DMW Image until Chapter 8 which is Phoenix (and is missable), but you’ll still need to see the majority of the story to be able to get every character’s memories. As such, you’re best served waiting until near the end of the game (Chapter 10) to go for this.

The best way to do this, unfortunately, is by following the same tactic for Leveling Materia easily.


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