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Genji Helm Accessories


Stops expending MP and AP, and adds "Libra" iconLibra effect.

Like all of the Genji Gear, this is one of the most powerful accessories in the game.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy 1000000 / "Online Shop Shade" iconOnline Shop Shade
Sell 50000
Treasure Chest

You will need to unlock the "Online Shop Shade" iconOnline Shop Shade, this can be done by completing Mission 9-5-4 which features some of the tougher monsters in the game.

Once you unlock the Shop, you can purchase it for 1,000,000 Gil, this may seem a lot but you can get a lot of that Gil by selling a lot of the Golden Rolling Pins and multiple copies of Accessories that you earn while unlocking the way to the mission in the first place.


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