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Wrist Band Accessories


ATK +5.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy 1000 / "Sector 6 - Accessory Shop" iconSector 6 - Accessory Shop
Sell 500
Complete -
Treasure Chest M3-1-3
Drop "G Warrior" iconG Warrior, "G Battler" iconG Battler, "G Predator" iconG Predator"Ifrit" iconIfrit, "Bahamut" iconBahamut
Steal "Sweeper" iconSweeper, "Pile Machine" iconPile Machine, "Cutter Machine" iconCutter Machine, "Shot Machine" iconShot Machine
Other -

★ = Rare

Drops From

"G Battler" iconG Battler G Clones
"G Predator" iconG Predator G Clones
"G Warrior" iconG Warrior G Clones
"Ifrit" iconIfrit Ifrit

Steal From

"Cutter Machine" iconCutter Machine Machines
"Pile Machine" iconPile Machine Machines
"Shot Machine" iconShot Machine Machines
"Sweeper" iconSweeper Machines
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