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Ifrit Ifrit


You’ll encounter "Ifrit" iconIfrit on Mt. Tamblin, in Chapter 1, and unfortunately it’s not friendly. Ifrit’s main attack is a straight punch followed by two-fisted slam, which he’ll spam relentlessly. If he feels pressured he can always sneak in a quick kick, knocking you down in the process.

He can also attack at range with his Flame Shots, but the true expression of his pyromaniacal prowess is Ifrit’s iconic "Hellfire" iconHellfire attack, which will deal massive damage if you don’t mitigate or interrupt it. If you defeated all the enemies in Fort Tamblin you’d have earned a "Fire Armlet" iconFire Armlet for your deeds, making this fight much, much easier, as it’ll reduce incoming fire damage by 50%.

Ifrit’s fire element affinity allows him to absorb incoming fire damage, but leaves him vulnerable to ice damage, which will be doubled.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M5-1-1, Mt. Tamblin - Animal Trail

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"Hi-Potion" iconHi-Potion ×1 Consumables
"Wrist Band" iconWrist Band ×1 Accessories


"Potion" iconPotion ×1 Consumables
"ATK Up" iconATK Up ×1 Special Materia


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