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MP Mako Stone Fusion Items


Use five in Materia Fusion for MP +10% up to a maximum of +400%.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy -
Sell 5
Complete -
Treasure Chest -
Drop "Scarab" iconScarab, "G Eliminator" iconG Eliminator, "G Regicide" iconG Regicide
Steal "G Valiant" iconG Valiant, ★ "G Veritas" iconG Veritas, "Repair Machine" iconRepair Machine, ★ "A-Hound" iconA-Hound, ★ "Sea Worm" iconSea Worm, ★ "Land Worm" iconLand Worm, ★ "Experiment No. 115" iconExperiment No. 115, ★ "Lava Worm" iconLava Worm, ★ "Worm Elite" iconWorm Elite, ★ "Trap" iconTrap, "Balloon" iconBalloon, ★ "Nightmare" iconNightmare, ★ "Experiment No. 118" iconExperiment No. 118, "Hollander" iconHollander
Other -

★ = Rare

Drops From

"G Eliminator" iconG Eliminator Bosses
"G Regicide" iconG Regicide Bosses
"Scarab" iconScarab Wildlife

Steal From

"A-Hound" iconA-Hound Wildlife
"Balloon" iconBalloon Wildlife
"Experiment No. 118" iconExperiment No. 118Wildlife
"G Valiant" iconG Valiant G Clones
"G Veritas" iconG Veritas G Clones
"Land Worm" iconLand Worm Wildlife
"Lava Worm" iconLava Worm Wildlife
"Nightmare" iconNightmareWildlife
"Repair Machine" iconRepair Machine Machines
"Sea Worm" iconSea Worm Wildlife
"Trap" iconTrapWildlife
"Worm Elite" iconWorm Elite Wildlife
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