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Nightmare Wildlife


A more powerful variant of the "Dorky Face" iconDorky Face, the "Nightmare" iconNightmare can be found in Missions 8-3-3 and 8-3-4, as well as in the final dungeon in Chapter 10. While they can perform an odd spinning attack for light damage, they prefer to float around and cast spells, including "Blizzaga" iconBlizzaga and "Firaga" iconFiraga. They can also inflict Curse with their Nightmare Breath attack. All in all, not terribly dangerous.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

Cage of Binding, M8-3-3, M8-3-4

Related Species Enemies

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"Mind Stone" iconMind Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Silence" iconSilence ★ ×1 Magic Materia


"Gris-Gris Bag" iconGris-Gris Bag ×1 Accessories
"MP Mako Stone" iconMP Mako Stone ★ ×1 Fusion Items
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