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Gongaga Trading Key Items


Online shopping address for "Gongaga Trading" iconGongaga Trading.

Shop Inventory

Item Cost (Gil) Item Cost (Gil)
"Blizzaga" iconBlizzaga 10,000 "Firaga" iconFiraga 10,000
"Thundaga" iconThundaga 10,000 "Air Strike" iconAir Strike 10,000
"Healing Wave" iconHealing Wave 10,000 "Lucky Stars" iconLucky Stars 10,000
"Meteor Shots" iconMeteor Shots 10,000 "Octaslash" iconOctaslash 10,000
"Rush Assault" iconRush Assault 10,000 "Hi-Potion" iconHi-Potion 500

How to Acquire

  • Available at the beginning of Chapter 10.
  • First complete the Mission 2-2-5: Gongaga and continue until you reach 2-3-1: Unidentified Monsters.
  • Complete M2-3-1 to gain access to the shop.
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