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Magical Punch Command Materia


Enables attacks by expanding MP. Zack winds up for several seconds before unleashing a mean, left-handed haymaker. The closer MP is to maximum, the more damage "Magical Punch" iconMagical Punch does. At full MP, the damage dealt will exceed normal attack damage by as many as 18 times! Extremely useful with "Brutal" iconBrutal accessory or other damage limit-breaking gear. Ignores enemy VIT.

How to Acquire

Obtain Location/Method
Complete M4-5-6, M5-4-2, M9-3-4
Chest M1-5-4, M6-5-5, M7-5-5
"Steal" iconSteal "G General" iconG General

★ = Rare

Fusion Recipe(s)

Fusion Recipe 1


Materia icon
"Iron Fist" icon Iron Fist
5 stars MASTER

Fused Materia

Fusion Recipe 2

Fused Materia

Steal From

"G General" iconG General G Clones
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