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Fire Magic Materia


Enables fire-based attack spells. Throws one fireball at the target.

How to Acquire

Obtain Location/Method
Shop "Research Dept. QMC" iconResearch Dept. QMC
Complete M5-1-1 (Lv2, MAG+3)
Chest M9-3-4, Shinra Building - 67th Floor
Drop "Wutai Staff Sergeant" iconWutai Staff Sergeant, ★ Remedy Bomb, ★ "Balo Balo" iconBalo Balo, "Sumbha" iconSumbha, ★ "Hedgehog Pie" iconHedgehog Pie, "Trap" iconTrap, ★ Remedy Bomb, ★ "Touchy Bomb" iconTouchy Bomb, ★ "Gray Bomb" iconGray Bomb
Steal "Balo Balo" iconBalo Balo, ★ "Foulander" iconFoulander, "Bandersnatch" iconBandersnatch
Other Chapter 5 minigame

★ = Rare

Fusion Recipe(s)

Fusion Recipe 1


Fused Materia

Fusion Recipe 2


Fused Materia

Drops From

"Balo Balo" iconBalo Balo Wildlife
"Gray Bomb" iconGray BombWildlife
"Hedgehog Pie" iconHedgehog Pie Wildlife
"Remedy Bomb" iconRemedy BombWildlife
"Sumbha" iconSumbha Wildlife
"Touchy Bomb" iconTouchy BombWildlife
"Trap" iconTrapWildlife
"Wutai Staff Sergeant" iconWutai Staff Sergeant Wutai Forces

Steal From

"Balo Balo" iconBalo Balo Wildlife
"Bandersnatch" iconBandersnatch Wildlife
"Foulander" iconFoulander Wildlife
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