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Quake Magic Materia


Enables special attack spells. Splits the earth all around Zack, dealing heavy damage to all nearby ground targets. Floating foes are unaffected.

How to Acquire

Obtain Location/Method
Shop Wutai Secet Shop
Complete M2-2-6, M5-4-5 (Mastered, MAG+45)
Chest M8-6-4, M9-1-5
Steal "Grand Horn" iconGrand Horn
Fusion "Gravity" iconGravity + Any DMW Materia

★ = Rare

Fusion Recipe(s)

Fusion Recipe 1


Materia icon
"Darkness" icon Darkness
5 stars MASTER

Fused Materia

Fusion Recipe 2

Fused Materia

Steal From

"Grand Horn" iconGrand HornWildlife
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