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Midgar Full of Flowers

Constructed every flower wagon type

You can build up to three flower wagons with Aerith in Crisis Core Reunion.

Regular Flower Wagon Parts

This first set of parts shouldn’t cause you too many worries, since they can’t be missed and are required to progress the story. Still, you may get lost finding one or two of the parts, so you’ll find a handy breakdown here.

Used Tools

The Used Tools are the first part you’ll be required to collect with Bruno. This is a simple one, look through the junk to the left of the Church (when facing the door), you’ll find it on the southern side of the street.

(1 of 5) The used tools can be found near the church

Old Lumber

Make your way to the Sector 5 Slums Market and go over to the green van to find some wood piled on the ground nearby. Examine it and you’ll need to answer the man’s question with “Seventh Heaven, paradise in Sector 7” to get the Old Lumber.

Worn Tires

Return to Sector 8 for the next wagon part and enter LOVELESS Avenue. Head north to the parked car here and speak with the man to obtain the Worn Tires.

How to Build a Wagon Instructions

With all of the parts on hand, you’ll need to track down the How to Build a Wagon Instructions, which you may have come across in your search for the Used Tools. Return to the area just outside the church and search around the junk just outside to find a Shinra Helmet concealing the Instructions.

Once you have all of the parts, return to Aerith at the Church to build the flower wagon and progress the story. Eventually, you’ll find yourself back at the Shinra Building speaking to Kunsel who asks if you have any unfinished business. Say Wait, I need a little time! so that you don’t progress beyond the point of no return.

Be sure to choose to wait so that you can hand over the parts for the other two wagons.

Cute Flower Wagon Parts

This is the first of the two optional flower wagons, and you’ll only have the opportunity to give them to Aerith if you haven’t progressed beyond Midgar’s point of no return. These parts can be found throughout Chapters 1-7 by completing the various sub-events around Midgar.

Mythril Tools

This is one of the trickier parts to unlock since, if you’re doing it as early as possible, you’ll need to speak to several different people in certain chapters. You can, however, do all of this in Chapter 7 before you set off for Midgar. You’ll need to speak to the following people to unlock the following Missions:

Mission Location First Available
M2-1-1 Man upstairs in the Fountain area of Sector 8 Chapter 3
M2-1-2 Woman walking backwards and forwards in LOVELESS Avenue Chapter 3
M2-1-3 Girl in the corner of the Market in Sector 5 Chapter 4
M2-1-4 Girl just outside the Park (near the Market) in Sector 5 Chapter 4
M2-1-5 Go upstairs in the Shinra Building Entrance to find a Shinra Trooper Chapter 5
M2-1-6 Researcher in the Shinra Building’s Exhibit Room Chapter 5

Once you’ve unlocked and completed all of these Missions, return to the Researcher in the Exhibit room to obtain the Mythril Tools.

Walnut Wood

You’ll need to complete the Wutai Spies sub-event first available in Chapter 5 to score the Walnut Wood however you won’t need to complete the missions. Simply find each of the six spies and you’ll be rewarded with the Walnut Wood from the SOLDIER 2nd Class who asked for your assistance in the first place.

Premium Tires

First available in Chapter 3, you’ll be able to talk to a SOLDIER trainee in the Briefing Room where you usually speak to Lazard at the start of the Chapters. Speak to the SOLDIER trainee and you’ll unlock Mission 7-1-1 which you should then proceed to complete the whole sub-category. Once complete, speak to the SOLDIER trainee once more and you’ll obtain the Premium Tires.

Craftsman Monthly Instructions

As with the first flower wagon, you’ll need Instructions to build it. The Craftsman Monthly Instructions is the first optional wagon part you can earn in the game, available as early as Chapter 2. Make your way to LOVELESS Avenue and speak with the Shinra Trooper to unlock Mission 1-2-1. Complete the entire sub-category and then return to the Shinra Trooper to obtain the part.

(1 of 4) Speak to the research again after completing the M2-1 sub-category to get the Mythril Tools

Shinra Lunch Cart Parts

This is the second of the two optional flower wagons, and you’ll only have the opportunity to give them to Aerith if you haven’t progressed beyond Midgar’s point of no return. These parts can be found throughout Chapters 1-7 by completing the various sub-events around Midgar.

Shinra Solder, Shinra Ceramic, Shinra Treads, and Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

That’s right, all of the parts come from the same place, and you can earn them as early as Chapter 5. At the start of the Chapter, head into the Training Room and you’ll be able to take part in the Squats mini-game. Not only will you obtain the Shinra's Squats Champion Trophy/Achievement, but all four parts as a reward.

(1 of 2) Press the button when Zack’s knees are bent

Press the button when Zack’s knees are bent (left), you will get all four parts of this cart from this mini-game. (right)

Squats themselves are far easier than in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you just need to time your button press as Zack has his legs bent. For the final opponent, you’ll need at least 52 Squats to win so retry if you make a mistake somewhere.

Once you have all of the parts, hand them over to Aerith in the Church in Chapter 7 and if you’ve built all three wagons, you’ll obtain the Midgar Full of Flowers Trophy/Achievement.

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