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Precise Restoration

Achieved 100% recovery with the Mako Recovery Unit.

As you progress in Chapter 4, you will leave the Sector 5 Slums and head back to the Shinra Building. You will eventually end up in a research lab and be forced to protect Professor Hojo. There will be multiple machines with which you can interact in the lab, which all do different things. The one to the left of Hojo is the one you want, with it being labeled the Mako Recovery Unit Prototype. You will receive a warning that the counter on this machine is malfunctioning, so keep this in mind, as it’s very important to the actual trophy/achievement.

Basically, you will be interacting with this Mako Recovery Unit machine and throw the switch when prompted. The machine will begin counting down from 5, but the display will stop counting at 3. You will then need to time the button you have to press when it reaches zero, but you won’t know exactly when to hit it. While you can keep track mentally, this can sometimes cause you to stop short, which will reward you with a lesser amount of SP. If you did it right, then you will receive 100 SP, as well as the Precise Restoration trophy.

(1 of 4) Three will be the final number you see

There seems to be a little trick that might work a little better, though, in counting down for this trophy/achievement. Whenever you see the five appear on your screen, you just start counting down from there by saying 5 one-thousand, then 4 one-thousand and so forth. When you reach 1 one-thousand and finish saying it, press the designated button and you should hopefully hit it right on the nose. Just make sure you don’t say the above too fast, uttering each phrase right after one another, like normal.

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