Wutai's Nemesis

Caught all the Wutai spies that had infiltrated Midgar.

Where to Find All the Wutai Spies in Midgar

Although you can first access this Trophy/Achievement in Chapter 5, you’ve got until you leave Midgar for the last time in Chapter 7 to complete it. Make sure you have this wrapped up before speaking to the SOLDIER in the Shinra Building to set off for Nibelheim.

The goal for this Trophy/Achievement is to locate all six Wutai Spies that have infiltrated Midgar and are in disguise. Each one you find, will also unlock a Mission, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss this if you want the Trophy/Achievement for 100% Mission completion.

To get the ball rolling, head to LOVELESS Avenue in Sector 8 once you gain access to the Midgar and you’ll find a SOLDIER operative. Speak to him and you’ll learn about the situation, so agree to assist him and you can begin your search.

The spies themselves are scattered throughout Midgar and you’ll learn how to catch each one below:

Wutai Spy #1

You’ll find the very first Wutai Spy in the same area that you accepted this quest, LOVELESS Avenue. You’ll see a man with a black jacket walking down the street near the parked car. Speak with him three times to catch him and unlock Mission 4-3-1.

Wutai Spy #2

Make your way to Sector 5 now (via the train station) and go back to the Market where you were with Aerith in Chapter 4. You’ll find a Shinra Patrol Trooper here walking around, speak with him three times to catch him and unlock Mission 4-3-2.

(1 of 6) The first spy is in LOVELESS Avenue

Wutai Spy #3

Return to Sector 8 for the next Wutai Spy and go into the Shinra Building. Once you find yourself in the entrance area, go up the stairs to the left and run over to the right to trigger a man coming out of the elevator. Speak to him three times to catch him and unlock Mission 4-3-3.

Wutai Spy #4

For the next Wutai Spy, make your way back to the Fountain area and head upstairs to find a man and a woman speaking to your right. Speak to the woman three times to catch her and unlock Mission 4-3-4.

Wutai Spy #5

Return to the Shrina Building for the next Wutai Spy. Head to the Exhibit room and you’ll find a man standing near the rocket exhibition. Speak to him three times to catch him and unlock Mission 4-3-5.

Wutai Spy #6

You’re looking for a child for the final Wutai Spy. Make your way to the Sector 6 Slums - Park (east of the Market) and you’ll find a child with a hat. Speak with him three times to have him magically transform into a Wutai Soldier and catch him, unlocking Mission 4-3-6 in the process.

Once you’ve successfully caught all six spies, you’ll obtain Walnut Wood used in building the Flower Wagons later and the Wutai's Nemesis Trophy/Achievement.


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