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Devil May Cry 5
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.2 (????) 17-02-2020 / 10:29 GMT

Devil May Cry 5 Guide

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Trophy/Achievement Guide

Trophy/Achievement Guide

Devil May Cry

This is the platinum trophy for DMC5 and it’s definitely a difficult one. While most of the trophies aren’t too bad, there are a few that will make it extremely hard on you. Completing all missions with S Rank on all difficulties, except for Heaven or Hell, is what will likely be deal breaker for a lot of people. The reason for this is that Hell and Hell mode basically means you can’t get hit at all, as you die in one hit, while enemies have the same health as on Son of Sparda. To add onto this, Dante Must Die is definitely a very challenging difficulty in this game, requiring some skills on your end, even moreso to S Rank all missions.



Difficulty-Related Trophies/Achievements

None of the difficulty trophies/achievements stack in this game, so you will need to play through the main story at least six times. Considering not all of the difficulties are unlocked from the beginning, you can make it a little easier on yourself by defeating the boss at the end of the Prologue, as that triggers a different ending than going through all of the missions. So, it isn’t so bad unlocking all of the difficulties in this manner, but you will still want to play through all of them to farm Red Orbs and have a greater understanding of the game. Plus, you have to S Rank all missions on every difficulty (save for Heaven or Hell) to get the Worthy of Legend trophy/achievement.



Automatic Story Trophies/Achievements

The following trophies/achievements will unlock as you naturally progress through the main missions.

Fall from GraceClear the Prologue Mission.
ReunionClear Mission 03.
End of the LineClear Mission 06.
Light in the DarknessClear Mission 08.
This Ain't OverClear Mission 10.
The QliphothClear Mission 12.
Gotta HurryClear Mission 14.
Back to LifeClear Mission 17.
Man on a MissionClear Mission 18.


Protect the People

You will need to defeat all of the enemies during Mission 01, with the majority of them being in plain sight as you make your way through the level. The only real "hidden" enemy will be the Red Empusa that is introduced in the cutscene. After dropping off of the broken bridge, look behind you to find the Red Empusa, so quickly kill it before it has a chance to escape. Also, make sure you use the lock-on to find all of the tentacles as you make your way to the boss.



Where the Red Orbs Grow

After your first encounter with enemies in Mission 02, you will notice that the street splits up into two different paths. Head down the right side and defeat the single Empusa there, then stop. You should be able to see a little ledge on the right side, so jump up on it, then pass through the hole in the building to find two Red Orb clusters. Destroy the one on the ground to earn this trophy/achievement.




During Mission 04, you will appear on the streets and there will be a tall building with a large mural on it. This is the same point where you will receive a tutorial about beefing up Shadow and Griffon by using some of your Devil Trigger gauge. Instead of doing that, use the DT gauge to call in Nightmare with the L1/LB button. He will bust through the wall of that building, earning you this trophy/achievement.



Break a Leg

In Mission 05, there will be times when you find a giant leg drop down through the ceiling, mostly when fighting other enemies. These legs can attack you and have a health bar, but they’re generally just there as a distraction. However, you can attack this leg and should you deplete its health, then it will go away. Of course, it will eventually go away on its own, so if you leave it alone, you will miss the chance to get this trophy/achievement.



Share the Pain

At the beginning of Mission 07, you will have the option to play as either V or Nero. Pick one and play through the mission, then replay it as the other character to get this trophy/achievement.




During Mission 09, after your introduction to the Behemoth, you will get into another battle with some Riots. Find the dead end following that battle and you should notice that something is shining behind the pile of debris. Make sure you have at least three bars on the Devil Trigger gauge and summon Nightmare by the wall to have him bust it down, earning you this trophy/achievement.



Don’t Mess with the Best

When you’re fighting the boss in Mission 11, you might sometimes clash swords with him with your own. This will earn you the trophy/achievement, but timing it normally might prove to be a bit difficult. To make things a little bit easier, you can switch to Swordmaster style and use its action (Circle/B) to spin your sword. Note this only works with the Rebellion or Sparda swords, as the third sword you receive has that move integrated into its normal combos.



Each In His Own Way

Similar to Mission 07, you can pick your playable character at the beginning of Mission 13. Finish the mission with a single character, then replay it twice more with the others to get this trophy/achievement.



Slick Moves

During Mission 15, you will have multiple paths to choose from, and one of the paths will be riddled with dangerous spikes that come out of the walls and floors. This is the only path with traps, as the remaining paths don’t have them. It doesn’t matter if you take any damage from normal enemies or even the boss, so just pick the other path at the beginning to avoid the spikes altogether.



Obedience Training

At the end of Mission 16, you will fight King Cerberus as the boss of the mission and this trophy/achievement can be a bit confusing. He will switch between three elements during the fight, starting with fire, then going to lightning and ice, all in that order. Your goal for the fight is to make it so he skips one of these, with ice being the easiest. This is the middle head and attacking it enough will cause it to droop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the ice head, but you can target it from the beginning of the fight to try and get him to skip it.



Battle for the Ages

The final two missions in the game are back-to-back boss fights against a pretty tough opponent. To get this trophy/achievement, you simply need to complete both missions without using a continue. Naturally, it’s best to do this on Human difficulty, as it is the easiest. If you do happen to have your health reach zero, then simply retry the mission and don’t use any Red/Gold Orbs.



Stylish Rank Combos

As you fight enemies in the game, you will notice a letter grade on the right hand side that might increase from pulling off combos. This is the Stylish Rank meter and it starts out at D and goes all the way up to SSS. First and foremost, getting hit in battles will knock your Stylish Rank down, so try not to get hit at all, if you can. You can increase your Stylish Rank by simply using a lot of different moves on enemies you fight and not using the same one over and over in a row. To get these trophies/achievements, you need to get a S rank, SS rank and SSS rank at least once throughout the entire game.

Of the three characters in the game, V might be the easiest to achieve all three ranks, as his playstyle lends to staying out of combat and he can have his three familiars out at the same time. In fact, despite the hectic nature of the battle, Secret Mission 04 might be one of the better places to get these trophies/achievements. You have a good number of enemies to fight and they are in a fairly small area. Remember that enemies have more health on higher difficulties, so it might become a little easier on those.



Secrets Exposed

As you explore in the various missions, you will come across some unusual markings on walls and various structures that looks like weird writing. Near these markings will be a red glow on the ground, made more apparent whenever you get close or stand on the spot. While standing on the red glow, look at the markings and you should get a prompt to begin the Secret Mission. You will get a tutorial on Secret Missions during Main Mission 04, so don’t worry if things are a bit confusing here. There’s a total of 12 Secret Missions in the game and you can find all of them listed in the Secret Missions section of the guide.



The Quick and the Dead

Killing five enemies in one second is not going to be an easy feat, but there is one spot in the game with weak enemies where it might be possible. After defeating the three Empusa at the beginning of Mission 02, five more will spawn in the same area. With the Helter Skelter Devil Breaker equipped, lure them all into one group, charge up the Devil Breaker and unleash it on all of them. Note that this should be done on either Human difficulty or Heaven or Hell. If done on Human, then you might need to hit them once or twice to bring their health down a little bit.



Well I’ll Be Damned

The description for this trophy/achievement is a bit vague, but you need to defeat Urizen during one of the unwinnable battles. This is best done during the Prologue, as it’s the easiest encounter, but you will probably need to beat the game first to get the option to gain access to all of your resources (like Devil Breakers). During the fight, you will have to destroy the crystal blocking Urizen first before you can directly damage him. To learn more about the attacks and a little more strategy, look at the end of the Prologue walkthrough.



S Ranking Missions

There are two trophies/achievements tied to S Ranking missions in the game. The first, Hell of a Hunter, requires you to S Rank all missions. This counts across all playthroughs, so S Ranking Mission 10 on Dante Must Die and not on any other difficulty, will count towards that progress. For Worthy of Legend, you will need to clear all missions with S Rank on all difficulties, excluding Heaven or Hell. This is definitely the hardest trophy/achievement in the game, as it requires you to S Rank all missions on both Dante Must Die and Hell and Hell. Using the Infinite Devil Trigger costumes will not help you in achieving S Ranks, as it drastically lowers your scores at the end of missions.

Doing the missions without getting hit is ideal, as you get a meaty multiplier to your score at the end of missions. The "No Continue" multiplier is 1.2x, while the "No Hit" multiplier is 2.0x, so a combined total of 2.2x is going to help a lot. The missions that are generally hard to get S Rank on are the Prologue, Mission 08 and Mission 10. The Prologue and Mission 08 are considered challenging, due to the boss being "unwinnable," while Mission 10 tends to reward you with lower Stylish Points throughout the level. Here are the following score requirements for the various difficulties to achieve S Rank:

  • Human - 4000
  • Devil Hunter - 5000
  • Son of Sparda - 5500
  • Dante Must Die - 6000
  • Hell and Hell - Same as Son of Sparda


I Believe I Can Fly

Spending sixty minutes in the air might seem like a lot, but it’s not a huge amount, especially if you like popping enemies into the air and doing combos on them while they’re up there. You’ll likely get a lot of progress towards this trophy/achievement with Nero and Dante, since they are melee focused and you can perform air combos by yourself. With V, on the other hand, all of your attacking is done with your familiars, but you can still gain progress by dodging with Griffon’s aid or just gliding with him in between fights.



Purchasing All Skills

There are three trophies/achievements for buying all of the skills for Nero, Dante and V. The biggest investment for each of them is the taunt that costs 3 million Red Orbs, so that’s a total of 9 million Red Orbs right there. The majority of the skills will unlock as you progress through the main story, with Nero opening a new category upon completion of the final story mission. The other skills that require a bit more to unlock involves finding the Kalina Ann in Mission 11 with Dante, as well as finishing completing Son of Sparda difficulty, which unlocks the Irregular Full Custom for Dante (and is needed for another trophy/achievement).

One of the best places to earn Red Orbs with in Mission 13, with Dante at the helm and a fully upgraded Dr. Faust weapon. Make it to the Divinity Statue and drop into the final room, which is the one with a bunch of Chaos and Hell Antenoras. Switch to Gunslinger style, hold R1/RB and continually press the Circle/B button. You’ll likely get hit some, but keep at it to rake in those Red Orbs. If you can try, have the camera positioned away from the enemies to avoid having them attack, but considering you have to be locked on at all times for this trick, it’s not entirely possible. You’re going to get hit some during this farming session, so don’t expect to not get hit.

At some point, the enemy spawns will dry up, so restart from the last checkpoint to get back at the Divinity Statue and do it all over again. The first upgrades you should get are the Dr. Faust 1-4 ones, as they will allow you to earn more Red Orbs. Keep this to Human difficulty to minimize the chances of you dying.



Physical Perfection & The Devil’s Own

Hidden throughout the missions are both Blue and Purple Orb Fragments, which will power up both your health and Devil Trigger gauges, respectively. There’s a total of 32 Blue Orb Fragments, and 8 Purple Orb Fragments to be found, with all locations being listed on their respective pages. In addition to this, you can find whole Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs in the shop; there’s six of each there and each one will cost more than the previous one.



A New Job

After completing the final mission and during the credits, you will have an opportunity to fight some enemies as both Nero and Dante. It’s not clear whether you need to do well with both characters, but you want to defeat as many enemies as possible. If you do well enough, then you will get two extra scenes after the credits are over (one involving Trish and Lady, and another with Dante/another character). Should you get these scenes, then you will receive this trophy/achievement.




Farming Red Orbs will be something you will want to do if you want to get the various skills and Orbs from the shop. Using the farming method outlined for the Purchasing All Skills trophies/achievements will net you the 1,000,000 total needed for this one.



Demon Destroyer

The work of any demon slayer is to slay demons and for this trophy/achievement, you will need to kill 1,000 of them. You probably won’t get this on your first playthrough, unless you either farm Red Orbs or replay a lot of missions, but it’s likely you’ll get it on a second playthrough of a game (they carry over).



Rearm and Repeat

For this trophy/achievement, you need to actually pick up 100 Devil Breakers during missions, which are the disposable arms Nero uses. Before doing this, make sure you unlock all of the slots in the shop, which will give you a chance to hold eight breakers. Once you have done that, head to Mission 15 and run through it, picking up and destroying any breakers you come across. The reason this mission is great for this is that it provides a load of breakers for you to use during the mission itself. When you reach the boss at the end, just restart the mission (the game will save your picked up breakers).



Dante the Gambler

At the beginning of Mission 13, you will receive the Dr. Faust ranged weapon from Nico. This weapon uses the Red Orbs you have collected to get even more Red Orbs from the enemies. For this trophy/achievement, you will need to use more than 500,000 Red Orbs total with this weapon. The best thing to do is accumulate 500,000 Red Orbs or more by using the farming method outlined in this trophy/achievement guide, then backup your save. The reasoning behind this is you don’t want to actually lose that many orbs after farming them, right? Of course, you don’t have to do this. Either way, once you have the necessary orbs, head into any mission and hold down the Square/X to shoot the orbs until you unlock this trophy/achievement.



Who Needs Weapons Anyway?

There are a few things that need to be done before you can even think about going for this trophy/achievement, which is for finishing Mission 11 without equipping any weapons at all on any difficulty except for Heaven or Hell. First, you must beat Son of Sparda difficulty in order to unlock a skill for Dante. Irregular Full Custom shows up in Abilities and only costs a measly 100 Red Orbs to buy. This skill allows you to unequip all melee and ranged weapons from your loadout, so you’ll need to do this in order to attempt this trophy/achievement. Of course, that brings up another problem, as you can’t attack enemies with your fists, so you’ll need to find a way to fight.

The second thing, while optional, makes things a lot easier on you in the long run. This is the Super Dante costume, which is something that gives you infinite Devil Trigger. You’d need to use Sin Devil Trigger to do any damage to enemies and you will want to skip any fights where you don’t actually have to fight. So, you’d direct all of your DT gauge to Sin Devil Trigger, pop that and use whatever’s available to fight the enemies and boss at the end. Should you want to do things normally without the Super Dante costume, then Royalguard is the thing you’d use to boost your DT gauge, but only with properly timed blocks. You can also block with Royalguard and build up the gauge, then use Royal Release to damage enemies.



Unarmed and Dangerous

For this trophy/achievement, you will need to beat Mission 07 without equipping any Devil Breakers for Nero at the start of the mission, on any difficulty except for Heaven or Hell. All you have to do is start the mission with no Devil Breakers equipped, but you are allowed to pick them up during the mission and use those.



Pet Protection

You need to finish Mission 05, which is a mission where you play as V, without your pets getting stalemated (can’t be done on Heaven or Hell). What this means is that their health can’t basically drop to zero, which is when they are out of commission for a short time. Their health is located in the upper left corner of the screen, underneath your health and Devil Trigger bars. The mission is fairly easy on Human, with the only real difficulties being the Empusa Queens and the boss at the end. Considering the squishy nature of both Griffon and Shadow in their initial states, it’s best to come back to this after purchasing the defense upgrades for both of them.


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