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Barrage Rogue Skills


Energy Cost: 30
Lucky Hit Chance: 20%
Unleash a barrage of 5 arrows that expands outwards,each dealing X [22%] damage. Each arrow has a 20% chance to ricochet off an enemy up to 1 time. Ricochets deal 40% of the arrow’s Base damage. Combo Points increase damage and arrows fired:1 Point: X [25%] damage,6 arrows
2 Points: X [29%] damage,7 arrows
3 Points: X [33%] damage,8 arrows
Deals Physical Damage

Parent Skill

"Barrage" iconBarrage Rogue Skills


"Enhanced Barrage" iconEnhanced Barrage Rogue Skills
"Improved Barrage" iconImproved Barrage Rogue Skills
"Advanced Barrage" iconAdvanced Barrage Rogue Skills
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