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What Lies Ahead Kehjistan Campaign Quest


  • Speak to Neyrelle
  • Find Neyrelle
  • Speak with Neyrelle in the Burning Hells
  • Enter the Fiery Portal
  • Find Mephisto in the Cathedral of Hatred
  • Bring Neyrelle to Mephisto
  • Speak to Neyrelle in the Cathedral of Hatred
  • Defeat Lilith
  • Speak to Lorath


Act VI: Dance of the Makers
Chapter: The Burning Hells • Quest 5/5

In-Game Description

I escaped the nightmare and was able to join Lorath, Donan and Neyrelle who bravely defended my lifeless body when I was stuck in the nightmare.

I can’t believe that Donan died in this cursed place. I must speak with Neyrelle now.

Once again the Lord of Hatred offers his aid. But is this really the only way for us to stop Lilith’s plan? We must venture to Cathedral of Hatred with Neyrelle to finish what we started.

The Essence of Mephisto is almost reborn, but we still have a chance to stop Lilith’s plan. The time is now. I know that together with Neyrelle, we can succeed.

The Daughter of Hatred caught up to us, but I will buy Neyrelle all the time that she needs and finally face Lilith in battle.

Lilith is defeated… I can’t believe we succeeded. I should return to Lorath now. Neyrelle should have already joined him.

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