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Exhuming the Forgotten Scosglen Campaign Quest

In-Game Description

This quest begins immediately after Encroaching Darkness is complete.

  • Objective 1: Enter the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns
    Yorin and I need to pass through the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns to find passage to Airidah’s domain in the northern hills. Enraged spirits haunt the surrounding cairns. I doubt we will find a welcome path within.
    Go inside the newly-created entrance to find yourself within a gloomy passage.

  • Objective 2: Find the path through the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns with Yorin
    The "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns acts like most dungeons and, as you can imagine, is full of the undead. Initally, you just need to progress into another chamber where Yorin will stop to explain more.

  • Objective 3: Speak with Yorin
    Yorin will stop next to the blocked wall so you must speak to him again to continue. He speaks of Wardstones that might be needed and can be found nearby.

  • Objective 4: Find and place the missing Wardstone within the Runic Standing Stone
    The Wardstone can be found quite nearby down the side passages on the floor. Pick it up then return it to the Standing Stone. The door will now be opened and you can continue through the Cairns.

  • Objective 5: Find the path through the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns with Yorin
    Continue moving northwest through the dungeon and open the little door ahead to find a small, blood-covered tomb. Lilith’s name is mentioned once more.

  • Objective 6: Speak with Yorin
    Interact with Yorin at the altar and he will commune with the Tormented Spirits.

  • Objective 7: Defeat the Vengeful "Wildwood" iconWildwood
    Two "Wildwood" iconWildwoods will climb out of the ground to fight, each with a different elemental modifier: one a Teleporter and the other a "Plaguebearer" iconPlaguebearer. As Elite "Wildwood" iconWildwoods, they both hit very hard and can quickly deplete your HP so try and freeze or otherwise immoblise them. If you are a ranged character, keep your distance. Once defeated, you can continue.

  • Objective 8: Find the path through the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns with Yorin
    Go through the Chamber Door into the next area and keep traveling north. Enter another chamber to find a blood-stained cairn. Yorin is distraught.

  • Objective 9: Speak with Yorin
    Talk to Yorin once more to learn a little more about who may have caused this.

  • Objective 10: Find the exit from the "Weeping Cairns" iconWeeping Cairns
    Your way will be blocked yet again but you can read the “Writings of Airidah’s Concern” just before you open the Chamber Door. Continue northwest until at last you reach the exit to Ancestor Heights and the completion of the quest.


Interactive Map Locations

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 11941 Y: 3641
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