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Curative Elixir Elixirs

In-Game Description

Makes you Unstoppable for 1 second, increases resistance to poisons and other negative effects by 50% and increases Experience by 5% for 30 minutes. Requires level 35


This is a solid Elixir choice for using against Nightmare dungeons with CC effects and poison in the Hawezar region, such as Shadow Plunged. It is also very effective against dungeon with Elite affixes like the Frozen imbued enemies, identified on a nightmare sigil. However, it doesn’t appear you can use this potion while in combat and already CC’d, so placing this on the quick access menu is currently redundant, unless it gets hotfixed. However, the resistance is still good for Nightmare sigils with plenty of effects.

Detailed Location

The recipe for this Elixir is awarded by completing the "Pinch of Poison" iconPinch of Poison Side Quest.

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