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Elixir Cache Caches

In-Game Description

A cache of items found inside Dungeons. Contains an assortment of Elixirs.
One of the oldest forms of magic is the brewing of potions. By far the most common of these are healing potions, but more exotic Elixirs exist.

Reward From

"A Question of Self" iconA Question of Self Hawezar Side Quest
"A Sodden Pact" iconA Sodden Pact Scosglen Side Quest
"At Any Cost" iconAt Any Cost Hawezar Side Quest
"Call of the Ancients" iconCall of the Ancients Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Dead to Rights" iconDead to Rights Hawezar Side Quest
"Depths of Despair" iconDepths of Despair Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Feral Moon" iconFeral Moon Scosglen Side Quest
"Frostbloom" iconFrostbloom Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Fungal Remedies" iconFungal Remedies Hawezar Side Quest
"Growing Reminders" iconGrowing Reminders Hawezar Side Quest
"More Value Than Gold" iconMore Value Than Gold Kehjistan Side Quest
"Necrotic Research" iconNecrotic Research Hawezar Side Quest
"Tarnished Amulet" iconTarnished Amulet Dry Steppes Side Quest
"The Only Cure" iconThe Only Cure Kehjistan Side Quest
"Traces of Iron" iconTraces of Iron Kehjistan Side Quest
"Unwritten End" iconUnwritten End Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Venom of the Nangari" iconVenom of the Nangari Hawezar Side Quest
"Wagered Honor" iconWagered Honor Scosglen Side Quest
"When the Tide Comes In" iconWhen the Tide Comes In Kehjistan Side Quest
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