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Murmuring Cache Caches

In-Game Description

Contains 50 Murmuring Obols.
Eerie, ancient, possibly cursed: The murmuring obol is largely used in trade among collectors and occultists. So, naturally, an adventurer should carry plenty.

Reward From

"Butcher's of the North" iconButcher's of the North Kehjistan Side Quest
"Cries of Innocence" iconCries of Innocence Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Desiccation" iconDesiccation Kehjistan Side Quest
"Endless Fortune" iconEndless Fortune Kehjistan Side Quest
"Ever Faithful" iconEver Faithful Scosglen Side Quest
"Exhuming Faith" iconExhuming Faith Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Firsthand Knowledge" iconFirsthand Knowledge Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Heart of Mold" iconHeart of Mold Hawezar Side Quest
"Izel of the Vizjerei" iconIzel of the Vizjerei Kehjistan Side Quest
"Mirage" iconMirage Kehjistan Side Quest
"Remembering the Goose" iconRemembering the Goose Scosglen Side Quest
"Scorched Debts" iconScorched Debts Dry Steppes Side Quest
"The Diviner" iconThe Diviner Scosglen Side Quest
"The Woodsman of Nevesk" iconThe Woodsman of Nevesk Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Treasure or Trash" iconTreasure or Trash Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Unearthed Regrets" iconUnearthed Regrets Hawezar Side Quest
"Weight of Sin" iconWeight of Sin Dry Steppes Side Quest
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