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Ring of Red Furor Unique Rings


The Ring of Red Furor is one of the Unique Malignant Rings exclusive to the Barbarian in Diablo IV. It was first introduced in Season 2 Patch 1.2.2.

In-Game Description

Ancestral Unique Ring
925 Item Power

  • +8.0% Resistance to All Elements

  • +8.0% Fire Resistance

  • +[4.4 - 10.0]% Attack Speed

  • +[28 - 42] Strength

  • +[5 - 13] Maximum Fury

  • [10.5 - 17.5]% Resource Generation

  • *After spending 100 Fury within 3 seconds, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow is a guaranteed Critical Strike and deals [10 - 30]%[x] bonus Critical Strike Damage.

“*Anger brings strength but clouds the mind. You must learn to focus your fury, direct it with purpose. Keep our sacred duty at the forefront of your mind, always.” - Talic, to Madawc*

Detailed Location

  • Possible drop from the "Tormented Echo of Varshan" iconTormented Echo of Varshan boss found in the Malignant Burrow near the Tree of Whispers. He is only available in World Tier III or IV.
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