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Tormented Echo of Varshan Uber

In-Game Description

Varshan was a simple priest within his village who spent many happy days with his friend, Cormond, who was also a priest. That was until one eventful day when Lilith visited his village, and turned the entire village populace into demons. His friend Cormond chose to flee the onslaught that occurred that day while Varshan stayed and fought to protect the village from Lilith.

As time passed, Cormond returned to the desolate village to find that people had disappeared and Varshan, who was now corrupted due to Lilith’s taint. Cormond invented a malignant cage to contain the now corrupted Varshan, so he could treat him when he found out more information about the corruption, but the plan backfired, and Varshan broke free with a new power that corrupted anything he touched.

This caused Cormond to flee once again with Varshan close at his heels, driven mad by the corruption and his thirst for revenge on Cormond who he believed left him to fend for the village on his own. As Varshan continued his hunt for Cormond across Sanctuary, Cormond bumps into a powerful wanderer who would help Cormond find out how to contain, and treat Varshan. Cormond and the wanderer found out from the various archives hidden deep within some ancient ruins that they could create another cage to trap Varshan and complete the failure that Cormond attempted before. Although the cage worked to trap Varshan, all it could do was end the corruption and put him out of his misery.


If you fought the Echoes variant of Varshan during Season 1, not much has changed. Varshan has no specific element he focuses on and instead uses various different physical attacks. These attacks are split between using tentacles, or corruption-based attacks which require you to reposition. The former will be predominantly used if you keep your distance from him and will pull you in.

The latter, however, places telegraphed markers on the floor that you will need to pay attention to if you don’t want to take a lot of damage. Periodically throughout the battle, Varshan will summon three Elite enemies, and while these are up and alive, he will be invulnerable. Fortunately, these aren’t particularly difficult to take down, and classes with high area-of-effect damage will defeat them in no time.

If you want a more detailed strategy on how to defeat Varshan, head over to our In-Depth Varshan Boss Guide.

Detailed Location

If you want to fight the "Tormented Echo of Varshan" iconTormented Echo of Varshan, you’ll need to summon him which can be time consuming. This requires that you have four specific items which are:

  • Blackened Femurs
  • Gurgling Heads
  • Malignant Hearts
  • Trembling Hands

These materials can be obtained by completing "Grim Favor" iconGrim Favors or defeating Grotesque Debtors. Note, you must be World Tier IV to get the Malignant Hearts required to summon Varshan. Once you have the required materials, head to the Malignant Burrow located in the northeast of The Whispering Mire, near the Tree of Whispers, and place them one at a time in each Malignant Altar.


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