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Augury of Bones Dry Steppes Side Quest


  • Collect Bone Dust from skeletons in the Valley of the Strayed (0/3).

  • Return to Ogai.

  • Investigate the Immemorial Inscription.

  • Speak to Ogai abouth the Ancient Inscription.


+20 Dry Steppes Renown

Detailed Location

You can find this Side Quest in the Valley of the Strayed, in the Untamed Scarps region of the Dry Steppes. After you speak to Orgai, he’ll ask you to obtain three bone dust from the nearby skeletons. This is a random drop, so keep killing them until you obtain all three dusts. Once you have the dust, head back to Ogai and give him them.

After a hearty sneeze, Ogai will make an Ancient Inscription appear on the pillar behind him. Examine the pillar to read the inscription then talk to Ogai one last time to complete the quest. This will lead to the follow-up quest "Hubris Smiles Back" iconHubris Smiles Back.

In-Game Description

  • Ogai, an eccentric hermit, is attempting to commune with “The Grinning One” -an ancient entity once worshiped in the Steppes. He has asked for my aid in acquiring bone dust from the ancient dead to offer him answers, believing he can speak with them.

  • Ogai inhaled the bone dust I collected and went into a trance. His words were broken and confused, but not without fortune. A hidden inscription was revealed by his rantings, and a hearty sneeze. Strange as this is, perhaps there’s something to his delusions.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 7718 Y: 11410
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