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Ore Cache Caches

In-Game Description

Contains an assortment of Ore.
Iron and silver are the two most commonly-used metals in Sanctuary; iron for durable hard-wear goods, and silver for embellishment, magical artifice, or general purity.

Reward From

"A Debt Repaid" iconA Debt Repaid Hawezar Side Quest
"Augury of Bones" iconAugury of Bones Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Chasing Embers" iconChasing Embers Scosglen Side Quest
"Corroding Mettle" iconCorroding Mettle Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Hunting the Relic Hunter" iconHunting the Relic Hunter Dry Steppes Side Quest
"Left Behind" iconLeft Behind Hawezar Side Quest
"Malign Devotion" iconMalign Devotion Dry Steppes Side Quest
"On the Hunt" iconOn the Hunt Kehjistan Side Quest
"Remnants" iconRemnants Kehjistan Side Quest
"The Dread Martyr" iconThe Dread Martyr Fractured Peaks Side Quest
"Timeworn Timue Doll" iconTimeworn Timue Doll Hawezar Side Quest
"Zakarum's Plight" iconZakarum's Plight Kehjistan Side Quest
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