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Fury Against Fate Dry Steppes Side Quest


  • Speak with Ealda at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot

  • Meet Ealda within the "Wasting Hollow" iconWasting Hollow

  • Speak with Ealda

  • Clear the cannibal feeding ground


+20 Dry Steppes Renown upon completion.

Detailed Location

  • Gained automatically upon the completion of the "Raising Spears" iconRaising Spears Side Quest in the Dry Steppes.

In-Game Description

Ealda and I collected the spears of Crane Tribes’ ancestors. It’s time to see whether they can rally her kin to rise against the cannibal horde.

Seeing the spears and blood of their ancestors has rallied the spirits of Crane Tribe. Ealda believes they are ready to prove themselves to the ancients and show the cannibals their renewed resolve.

I should join Ealda within the "Wasting Hollow" iconWasting Hollow. The last stand of Crane Tribe begins now.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 6918 Y: 10018
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