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Treasure or Trash Dry Steppes Side Quest


  • Retrieve Deactivated Ring

  • Harvest Demon Essences in Chambatar Ridge

  • Return to Rakhaan


Rewarded on first completion: +30 Dry Steppes Renown.

Detailed Location

In-Game Description

Rakhaan has found an old ring with a broken enchantment. The use of this ring is unknown, only that it was discarded by the Triune. Rakhaan wants me to collect the ring from a chest in "Fate's Retreat" iconFate’s Retreat.

I have collected Rakhaan’s broken ring. To power it, I must slay demons in Chambatar Ridge and collect their essences.

Rakhaan’s ring feels different. I can feel power emanating from it. I should return it to Rakhaan and see what he knows about it.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9261 Y: 8564
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