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Blood Sermon Fractured Peaks Side Quest


  • Slay the Bishop and take the Red Chalice
  • Return the Mechanical Box to the Pedestal: 2
  • Travel to the Defiled Undercroft
  • Slay all enemies in the Defiled Undercroft
  • Travel to the Chamber of Morality
  • Defeat the "Blood Bishop" iconBlood Bishop
  • Speak with "Sister Vera" iconSister Vera at the "Bear" iconBear Tribe Refuge


+20 Fractured Peaks Renown upon completion

In-Game Description

Venture into the "Sanguine Chapel" iconSanguine Chapel and find the Red Chalice

I must find the Red Chalice. This cursed item must be destroyed.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16826 Y: 8541
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