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A Cold Faith Fractured Peaks Side Quest


  • Speak with Priest Matvey in Margrave.

Detailed Location

From "Kyovashad" iconKyovashad’s eastern gate, head southeast to find a corpse, near which is a “Pilgrim’s Journal”. Reading the dead pilgrim’s journal will start this quest, which just requires you to travel to Margrave and inform Priest Matvey about the pilgrim’s demise.

A full walkthrough for this quest can be found here

In-Game Description

I found the body of a pilgrim on his way to some holy place high in the mountains. He didn’t get very far. Someone in Margrave may want to know of his fate.

Priest Matvey says I am ready. I shall leave Margrave at dawn. The journey will be long, but my faith is endless. Light, grant me safe passage to the monastery, that I may better know your grave within its hallowed halls.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 14272 Y: 10126
Marker screenshot

2. Sanctuary Map

X: 14038 Y: 11107
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