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Dead in the Water Hawezar Side Quest


  • Help Tomaj burn Fresh Corpses: 0/3
  • Collect Salvaged Resources: 0/10
  • Speak with the stranded survivor
  • Bring Tomaj and Ervin to Backwater
  • Speak with Szilvia


+20 Hawezar Renown on completion.

In-Game Description

A Backwater resident in need offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of daily life.

In Backwater, I met Tomaj, a resident facing potential exile for shirking his duties to the town. He has asked me to help him do what is needed to help ensure the town’s survival.

While helping Tomaj with his tasks, we found and rescued an old man stranded on a broken ship’s mast along the shore. Now that he has been able to descend safely, I should ask how he got here.

With Tomaj’s tasks finished and the shipwrecked sailor, Ervin, rescued, we should return to the relative safety of Backwater.

Szilvia wants me to verify Tomaj’s claim that he carried out the work with which she tasked him, independently. Though in truth, I helped Tomaj with his tasks, I have learned along the way that Tomaj struggles with the losses he has faced while carrying out this grim work over the years. I now have to decide what to tell Szilvia.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16514 Y: 17219

Speak to Tomaj to begin the quest.

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