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A Debt Repaid Hawezar Side Quest


  • Find "Flinn" iconFlinn
  • Speak with Kato


Recommended Level 40.
+20 Hawezar Renown on completion.

In-Game Description

I found a woman in Backwater who said she owes a debt to a man named "Flinn" iconFlinn. Her ship is getting ready to leave, and she is determined to clear her debt before departing. However, Flinn has recently gone missing. She says he was expected up the road north of Backwater, so we should begin our search there.

We found Flinn alive, north of Backwater, but as with so many others in this area, he had been turned into a Drowned. To square Kato’s debt with Flinn, we mercy killed him. I should check in with her.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16282 Y: 17340

Speak to Kato to start.

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