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Left Behind Hawezar Side Quest


  • Find Derin’s remains in the "Shadowed Plunge" iconShadowed Plunge
  • Give Derin a Healing Potion
  • Return to Mateen


Note: Must conquer the Stronghold and reach level 40 to start this quest.

Derin can be found in the Hall of Sacrifices area of "Shadowed Plunge" iconShadowed Plunge, lying on the floor.

In-Game Description

A young crusader lost his friend in a cultist infested cave nearby. He fears the worst has befallen them and asked me to bring back any remains.

Against all odds, the crusader Derin is alive in the Shadowed Plunge. He’s been injured. I need to give him a potion before he bleeds out.

Giving a potion to Derin gave him the strength to escape the Shadowed Plunge. I should return to Mateen and tell him his friend survived.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 12658 Y: 17149

Talk to Mateen to begin.

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