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Omath's Redoubt Kehjistan Stronghold

In-Game Description

A collapsed ruin, now home to many cannibals and demons. This Stronghold is located in the south, central area of Kehjistan, directly southwest from the Denshar waypoint in the "Fields of Hatred" iconFields of Hatred, in the south east of the zone.


  1. Find a way into "Omath's Redoubt" iconOmath’s Redoubt - jump over the climbing spots and slide into the Stronghold.
  2. Investigate Oath’s Redoubt - There are four yellow circles in the area, you need to find an object to interact with in each of the circles.
  3. Discover the source of the Devastation - Go to the priest character in the bubble, completing the four circle investigations should release the bubble, and allow to click on the Ceremonial Staff. Doing so causes a memory of ghosts to appear, with then starting a boss battle shortly after. The boss teleports around the castle, and various undead minions coming to its aid.

Completing this will unlock a new dungeon, called "Crumbling Hekma" iconCrumbling Hekma, which awards the "Aspect of Splintering Energy" iconAspect of Splintering Energy for completing it.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 4414 Y: 16807
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