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Puff-Puff Buff

Awarded for experiencing the pleasure of the Puff-Puff in all its many forms.

Puff-Puff is a tradition in Dragon Quest games and isn’t exactly hard to imagine what goes on in these little scenes. In order to unlock the trophy/achievement, you will need to experience every Puff-Puff scene in the game, of which there are eight in total. Note that none of them are missable, although the one in Octagonia changes between the different parts of the game.

Location Description
Hotto Girl at end of outside walkway by sauna. Charges 20G for it.
Gallopolis In front of house between armour/weapon shops.
Gondolia Lower walkway in northeast part of city.
Octagonia In southeast corner of casino (slots) area. She is also found in the central stairway area, near the stairs leading to VIP area in Act 2+. She’s wearing a long magenta-colored dress.
Octagonia On right side (lower section) of the roulette area of casino.
Phnom Nohn Second floor of inn, across from main desk, tucked away in a corner.
Sniflheim In corner of inn. She says she’ll meet you at noon the next day, so sleep until then at the inn, then go to the bell at the docks.
The Battleground Found on B9, right in plain sight. Follow her to the outside area for the Puff-Puff.
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