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Mount Olympian

Awarded for successfully riding all mountable monsters.

Not too long into the game, you are introduced to the concept of monsters that you can mount after defeating them in battle. These mountable monsters will be sparkling in the field, so you will know when you see one. Some of these mounts offer special abilities that enhance your exploration of the surrounding areas, usually allowing you to grab some extra treasures. In the original version of the game, you needed to mount all of the monsters that were available in the game. This didn’t count the variations, so it had to be the different species. There were only six different species in the original game, which are as follows:

  • Eggsoskeleton - Kingsbarrow
  • Skull Rider’s Steed - Cryptic Crypt
  • Horknight’s Hornet - Laguna di Gondolia
  • Face Invader - Snaerfelt
  • Dragon Rider’s Dragon - Mount Pang Lai
  • Headless Norseman - Snaerfelt (post-game)

In the Definitive Edition of the game, the trophy/achievement changes to only making you mount six different species, instead of all of them. This version also added new mountable monsters, so it’s possible to unlock it much earlier in the game. If you fully explore every region you come across in the game, you should be able to unlock it once you mount an Iron Maiden in the second portion of the game (in Costa Valor).

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