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Saviour of the Tockles' Scriptures

Awarded for saving all the worlds of the past from certain destruction.

In the Definitive Edition version of the game, you will have a huge sidequest that involves the 2D area of Tickington. You will first come across this on your way to Gallopolis in the first part of the game. As you play the main story, you will come across Tockles, the little creatures you’ve seen across the game, who will give you pastwords for areas related to previous Dragon Quest games. Each area in Tickington will have a quest for you to do, which usually involves you going through some dungeon or getting a specific item. Once you complete all of the areas for Tickington, then you will unlock this trophy/achievement. Note that only the first ten altars count for this and not anything else that unlocks after it. Also, once you finish your last area, exit Tickington to make it pop.

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