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Deep-Purple Lily Crafting


A deep-purple water lily that is on the verge of wilting. Material used for crafting items. Grows in the blue flower field at the coast. Like a syrupy poison, its nectar lulls the imbiber into sweet, velvety sleep.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Realm of Shadows Map

X: 7028 Y: 8442

Deep underground, held by a corpse draped over a ledge. Accessed by taking the makeshift ledges down to the water nearby. In the water, head west until you find a cave marked by gravestones. The corpse is inside.

Marker screenshot

2. Realm of Shadows Map

X: 6968 Y: 11495

After you drop to the area below, hang a left where you’ll find a few enemies. One of these enemies will be at the edge of the cliff, sitting on a corpse containing the item.

Marker screenshot

3. Realm of Shadows Map

X: 6582 Y: 11096

"Deep-Purple Lily" iconDeep-Purple Lily’s can be found in this general area.

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