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Nuka-Cherry Drinks


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Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 5946 Y: 4011

Location: Inside a shopping cart.

Marker screenshot

2. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6506 Y: 4563

Location: Starlight Drive-In. In the diner area, look below the counter on a shelf to the west.

Marker screenshot

3. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6562 Y: 4940

Location: Inside "Super Duper Mart" iconSuper Duper Mart. Near the generator that contains the fusion core is a cabinet with a crate on top. The Nuka Cherry is in the crate.

Marker screenshot

4. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6625 Y: 4940

Location: In the main room of "Super Duper Mart" iconSuper Duper Mart, head to the northeast corner, and you’ll find a crate on top of a food service counter. There is a Nuka Cherry in this crate.

Marker screenshot

5. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6955 Y: 4912

Two bottles, on the floor of "Mystic Pines" iconMystic Pines’ living room.

Marker screenshot

6. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6626 Y: 5037

Location: From the entrance, head east and there will be a large cooler. Look down into the cooler.

Marker screenshot

7. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6566 Y: 5522

Location: "Corvega Assembly Plant" iconCorvega Assembly Plant. In the landing just outside Jared’s office, there is a Nuka Cola machine. The "Nuka-Cherry" iconNuka-Cherry is inside the machine.

Marker screenshot

8. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6708 Y: 5981

Location: "College Square Station" iconCollege Square Station. From the entrance, head forward to the back wall and head north to take the stairs down. Head further north to see a Nuka Cola machine near the door. The Nuka Cherry is inside the machine.

Marker screenshot

9. Commonwealth World Map

X: 4707 Y: 5699

Location: "Federal Ration Stockpile" iconFederal Ration Stockpile. Inside Red Tourette’s room on a table in front of the couch.

Marker screenshot

10. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6213 Y: 5786

Location: "Jalbert Brothers Disposal" iconJalbert Brothers Disposal. Next to the garage is a Nuka Cola machine with this Nuka Cherry inside.

Marker screenshot

11. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6865 Y: 6790

Location: Inside the kitchen at "Cambridge Polymer Labs" iconCambridge Polymer Labs there is a Nuka Cola Machine which houses two bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum and a Nuka Cherry.

Marker screenshot

12. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10554 Y: 3333

On the floor in the ruined building.

Marker screenshot

13. Commonwealth World Map

X: 11009 Y: 3025

Two bottles on the bottom floor of the factory.

Marker screenshot

14. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10926 Y: 2677

On a table in the "Nakano Residence" iconNakano Residence’s kitchen.

Requires "Far Harbor" iconFar Harbor DLC

Marker screenshot

15. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10883 Y: 4568

Behind the Novice-locked door on the roof of "Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery" iconLongneck Lukowski’s Cannery.

16. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10275 Y: 5175

Found as you enter the diner at "Gibson Point Pier" iconGibson Point Pier on the middle shelf to the right.

Marker screenshot

17. Commonwealth World Map

X: 4766 Y: 3368

Inside the fridge in a radroach-infested house.

18. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8389 Y: 4470

Found on the first floor.

19. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8257 Y: 4370

Found in the cafeteria of "Medford Memorial Hospital" iconMedford Memorial Hospital between the vending machines.

Marker screenshot

20. Commonwealth World Map

X: 6560 Y: 8562

On the roof of the "Coast Guard Pier" iconCoast Guard Pier.

Marker screenshot

21. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8584 Y: 6779

After taking the elevator down, this nuka-cherry can be found next to a fridge on the counter.

Marker screenshot

22. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10964 Y: 3461

Inside a "Nuka-Cola" iconNuka-Cola machine outside the small diner.

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