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Jewel of the Commonwealth Act I


In "Jewel of the Commonwealth" iconJewel of the Commonwealth, the Sole Survivor seeks information about their missing son, Shaun, leading them to "Diamond City" iconDiamond City, the largest settlement in the Commonwealth. Upon arrival, they encounter various characters and uncover clues about Shaun’s whereabouts. Their journey ultimately leads them to "Nick Valentine" iconNick Valentine, a detective who may hold vital information. However, upon reaching Valentine’s Detective Agency, they discover that Nick has vanished while working on a case. To uncover the truth, the Sole Survivor agrees to help Nick’s secretary, Ellie Perkins, in finding him, setting the stage for the next quest, "Unlikely Valentine" iconUnlikely Valentine.


"Diamond City" iconDiamond City

Given by

Mama Murphy, Irma, or Trashcan Carla


Go to "Diamond City" iconDiamond City:

  • Travel southeast from "Sanctuary Hills" iconSanctuary Hills to Diamond City.
  • Witness a confrontation between "Piper Wright" iconPiper Wright and Mayor McDonough at the city entrance.
  • Speak with McDonough or other Diamond City residents for information about Shaun.

Find information about Shaun:

  • Interact with Danny Sullivan, Pastor Clements, Nat Wright, Piper Wright, Moe Cronin, John, or Arturo Rodriguez to gather clues.
  • Learn about "Nick Valentine" iconNick Valentine at the Valentine Detective Agency.

Go to Valentine’s Detective Agency:

  • Proceed to the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City.
  • Discover from Ellie Perkins that Nick Valentine has vanished while working on a case.
  • Agree to help Ellie find Nick Valentine to trigger the next quest, "Unlikely Valentine" iconUnlikely Valentine.


150+ XP

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Quest Stages

  1. Go to "Diamond City" iconDiamond City: Begin the search for Shaun in Diamond City.
  2. Find information about Shaun: Gather clues from Diamond City residents.
  3. Go to Valentine’s Detective Agency: Locate the detective agency and learn about "Nick Valentine" iconNick Valentine’s disappearance.
  4. Quest finished: Agree to help Ellie Perkins find Nick Valentine to start the next quest.


Companion Reactions:

  • Meeting Piper:
    • Various companions have different reactions when interacting with Piper.
  • Piper and Mayor McDonough arguing:
    • Companions react differently based on the choices made during the argument.
  • Notes:
    • Several contextual notes regarding interactions with Danny Sullivan, visiting the Memory Den, and rescuing Nick in "Vault 114" iconVault 114.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 7152 Y: 7776
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