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The Molecular Level Act II


In this quest, the Sole Survivor works towards constructing a signal interceptor to infiltrate the Institute.


Place selected by the player to build The Teleporter
Railroad HQ
Rocky cave


  • After obtaining the courser chip, the Sole Survivor seeks assistance in decoding it. If aligned with the Railroad, they can approach Tinker Tom for decryption. Otherwise, they must locate the Railroad HQ by following the Freedom Trail.
  • At the Railroad HQ, Desdemona facilitates the decryption process by assigning Tinker Tom to decode the chip. If Tinker Tom is unavailable, the decryption can be completed using a file on his terminal.
  • With the decoded data, the Sole Survivor returns to Virgil, who provides plans for the signal interceptor. However, Virgil reminds them of the favor promised in exchange for his assistance.
  • The Sole Survivor must now choose a faction (Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, or Railroad) to assist in constructing the signal interceptor. They gather the necessary components and resources, including a reflector platform, beam emitter, control console, and relay dish.
  • The signal interceptor can be built in various allied settlements, excluding "Home Plate" iconHome Plate and add-on settlements. The chosen faction expert oversees the construction process.
  • Once built and powered, the Sole Survivor steps onto the platform, receives a faction-dependent holotape, and initiates the teleportation process.

Constructing the Signal Interceptor:

  • Build the stabilized reflector platform first in the target settlement.
  • Speak to the chosen faction expert (Ingram, Sturges, or Tom) to receive the remaining resource list.
  • Gather and construct the necessary components, ensuring sufficient power supply.
  • Ensure all components are linked together with power cables on the same network.


400+ XP

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Quest Stages

  1. Talk to Doctor Amari/The Railroad about the chip: Seek assistance in decoding the courser chip.
  2. Find the Railroad: Locate the Railroad HQ by following the Freedom Trail.
  3. Talk to Desdemona: Initiate decryption process at the Railroad HQ.
  4. Tinker Tom decodes the chip: Obtain decoded data from Tinker Tom.
  5. Search the Railroad HQ: Retrieve decryption data if Tinker Tom is unavailable.
  6. Talk to Virgil: Inform Virgil of the decoded data and discuss next steps.
  7. Get help to build the Signal Interceptor: Choose a faction to assist in constructing the signal interceptor.
  8. Build the Signal Interceptor: Gather components and resources to construct the signal interceptor.
  9. Signal Interceptor completed: Complete construction of the signal interceptor.
  10. Step on the Platform: Initiate teleportation process by stepping onto the platform.
  11. Obtain holotape: Receive faction-dependent holotape before teleportation.
  12. Signal Interceptor activates: Activate the signal interceptor to initiate teleportation.
  13. Signal Interceptor teleports the Sole Survivor into the Institute: Complete teleportation process and enter the Institute.


  • The choice of faction for assistance in building the signal interceptor impacts the construction process and subsequent events.
  • Ensure all necessary components are gathered and constructed before initiating teleportation.
  • Various bugs may affect quest progression and require troubleshooting.


  • Bugs may occur related to quest initiation, NPC behavior, and construction glitches. Some bugs may require console commands or specific actions to resolve.

Interactive Map Locations

1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 8682 Y: 7000
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