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Far Cry 6

Stealing Home

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for the Yaren Story, Stealing Home. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to locating and stealing back the Glove, Jersey and Jock Strap.

Head to this location on the map and speak with Freddy to begin this Yaren Story.


My papa’s gear was stolen from his shrine by the army. Freddy Fonseca Sr. was a legend - the Maestro of the Malecon - and inspiration to Yarens everywhere. Secure a win for the home team and bring his stuff back to his shrine.

Find the Legendary Baseball Memorabilia

Head east of the town of Segunda to find the Segunda Field. Speak with Freddy Fonseca to start this Yaren Story, then three FND Bases where the Baseball Memorabilia is located will be marked on your map.

Find Baseball Glove

To begin you’re going to go and collect the Glove which is found at the FND Base: CCE Electrical Station 31 in the La Joya Sub Region. You’ll need to take down a yellow enemy to acquire the Office Key which will unlock the building where the Glove is stored.

(1 of 4) Head to the backend of this base

Make your way over to the backend of the base and climb up onto the tower and bring out your phone by pressing up on the d-pad to scout out the area. Here you’ll find two Heavy Gunners and an Engineer by the front gate, then take a look to the back or end of the building to find a security camera and Engineer by the door.

Bring out a silenced weapon and shoot down the camera, then aim for a headshot and pick off the engineer when he isn’t looking. Next up you’ll want to take down the enemies closest to you to avoid alerting anyone, then after the normal enemies are dealt with, take out the yellow. Approach the body and pick up the key, then enter the small office by the entrance to find the Glove on the wall.

Find the Jersey

Next up, you’re going to steal back the Jersey which is located at the FND Base: FND Special Forces Base in the Barrial sub region. Upon arrival, take out the single guard at the entrance then proceed inside and go along the path on the right side. Along the way to the marker you’ll find a camera and two enemies in the alleys. Use a silenced weapon to take them out to avoid alerting the base.

(1 of 5) Head to this base

As you reach the backend of the base, climb up to the roof and use your phone to scout out the area. Clear out the enemies on the rooftops and then takedown the yellow named area in front of the marked building. Collect the Armory Keycard and then enter the armory to find the Jersey on the wall.

Find the Jock Strap

It’s now time to grab the Jock Strap which can be found at the FND Base: Espinosa University in the Aguas Lindas sub region. Go into the building from the left side as there’s not many enemies, then go up to the third floor but watch out for the tripwire along the way.

(1 of 3) Head to this base

Here you’ll want to look for a yellow named area patrolling the area, then take him down to acquire the Classroom Keycard. Use the keycard to enter the marked room and pick up the Jock Strap from the wall. Finally, go to the town of Feroza in the Balaceras, then go to the blue marked shrine and drop off the baseball Memorabilia to bring this yaren story to a close.

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