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Regen Buffs


"Regen" iconRegen bestows a gradual healing effect upon the affected character, restoring a portion of their maximum HP over time. This continuous regeneration can sustain the character through prolonged battles, enhancing their endurance and survivability.

Methods of Application


  • Restores HP at a rate of 1% of the character’s maximum HP every two seconds.


  • Overwrites existing "Poison" iconPoison status, and vice versa.
  • Provides a consistent healing effect throughout its duration.
  • Vulnerable to dispelling effects from enemies or specific abilities.


  • When applied through the "Regen" iconRegen spell, it typically lasts for three minutes, providing 90 ticks in total, which amounts to a full 90% heal of the character’s maximum HP.


"Regen" iconRegen serves as a reliable source of healing over time, complementing other healing abilities and items by offering sustained regeneration during battles. Its enduring effect can be invaluable for maintaining the party’s health in extended engagements.

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