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Shield Buffs


"Shield" iconShield erects a formidable barrier around the affected character, rendering them impervious to physical damage for a substantial duration. This defensive measure provides temporary invulnerability against physical assaults, granting the character a significant advantage in combat.

Methods of Application

"Shield" iconShield status can be applied through:

  • Aerith’s level 2 limit break, Planet’s Protection.


  • Nullifies physical damage entirely for the duration of the effect.


  • Provides complete immunity to physical attacks.
  • Does not affect magical or elemental damage.
  • Can be dispelled by certain enemy abilities or specific items.


  • "Shield" iconShield typically lasts for 80 seconds, offering a prolonged period of protection against physical threats.


"Shield" iconShield represents a potent defensive asset, allowing the affected character to withstand physical assaults with impunity. Strategic use of Shield can turn the tide of battle by neutralizing the effectiveness of enemy physical attacks.

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