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Theater Enthusiast

Buy every sphere at the Luca Theater.

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Game: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
Type: 10
Rarity: 3.10% (Ultra Rare)
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In Luca, one of the towns in the game, there is a threater you can visit that allows you to purchase spheres to rewatch specific cutscenes and listen to the game’s music. The only problem is that you will have to purchase these spheres, which can be a bit expensive the first time you come across them. Once you gain access to the final story dungeon, all of the spheres will be available, with Movie Spheres costing 5,000 Gil each and Music Spheres costing 2,000 Gil each. In total, you will need 426,000 Gil to purchase all of them. Note that after purchasing all of the spheres from the NPC on the left, approach him again to find three more you have to buy. For tips on how to earn money, visit the Gil Grinding page.

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